9/2/2019 Korg D3200 HDD Replacement – Complete Process From Start to Finish – In this video, I walk through how to replace the HDD in a Korg D3200 with a new hard drive. This includes a tutorial on how to do a song backup, song restore, system restore CD creation, the actual hard drive replacement, restoring the System, and creating a larger PC(USB) partition.

7/2/2019 2004 Honda Accord EX Camshaft Position Sensors (There are two of them) – Short video on where the camshaft positions sensors are located and how I removed them. This should not be that difficult of an operation – But apparently the designers felt taking these two bolts out should not be easy.

7/1/2019 Small form factor workshop PC with hidden keyboard storage (AMD e350 mini-itx) – In this video, I use a cheap thrift store PC as the basis for my small form factor workshop PC. The special part of this build is the hidden keyboard storage slot!

6/29/2019 Yongnu YN300 Air battery storage life – installed vs not-installed batteries – Short video on storing your LED lights with or with-in the the batteries installed.

6/16/2019 Arturia MicroBrute 3.5mm Jack Replacement – In this video I replace one of the 3.5 mm circuit board mounted output jacks on my Arturia MicroBrute.

6/14/2019 Connecting an Arturia MicroBrute to Behringer Model D – In this video I show how to connect the MicroBrute with a Model D synth. Super each process… if you know what to plug into.

6/2/2019 DeWALT Framing Nailer O-Ring Change – This video covers that ONE thing that took me forever to figure out. No other videos showed the simple first step to dismantle the main guts of the DeWALT framing nailer when changing out the o-rings. Hopefully this will help someone else save a little time and frustration!

5/27/2019 How to Soften Blue Jeans – with Sandpaper! – In this video I show you the method I use to make new jeans softer.

1/6/2019 $6 LED Lighting for Your Computer Case! – In this video I cover installing a strip of self-adhesive LEDs to the inside of my new Corsair Air 240 PC case. For this install, I simply connect the LED strip to a Molex connector and plug it in to the power supply.

12/2/2018 Microphone only records on left or right, but not both? FIXED! – In this video I show how to capture audio (in this case a voice-over) using a 2 channel audio interface and have the audio come out of both speakers. This works in Windows 10.

8/26/2018 Sears Silvertone 1451 Amp In Case Custom Cabinet Build (Also works with 1448 1449 1457 1452) – In this video I show a custom cabinet I built to house the amplifier section of a vintage Sears Silvertone Model 1451 Amp In a Case. The cabinet I decide to base my design on was a Danelectro 1344 Combo (also sold under the Silvertone name, if not others).

8/10/2018 How to Re-Glue a Ukulele Bridge -In this video, I show how to re-glue the bridge back on to a ukulele.

8/10/2018 Fixing a Fingerling – Quick video on repairing a broken Fingerling. Simple solder job and it’s done!

6/29/2018 Replacing the Tubes in an Egnater Tweaker 15 – This video shows how to replace the tubes in an Egnater Tweaker 15 amp head.

6/16/2018 Replacing Batteries in an Outdoor Temperature Sensor with a 3v Power Supply – In this video I modify my outdoor temperature sensor to use a 3v internal power supply instead of having to change batteries every few weeks.

6/16/2018 Using a Deer Fence to Protect Hostas and Landscaping – I used inexpensive deer fencing to protect my hosta plants. This works for pretty much any landscaping or garden.

5/6/2018 Top Tier of Replacement Gazebo Canopy Is Too Big: FIXED! – In this video I show how I handled an over sized canopy cover for the 2nd tier of my gazebo. The main, bottom part fit just fine. But if I just installed the top tier without and adjustments, it would simply blow off, or at best, be a droopy piece of fabric on the top of my gazebo. Using a couple of fiberglass rods, I was able to stretch the over-sized top into the proper shape and zip-tie it to the the original frame.

4/3/2018 Garage Tour – Workshop and Storage Solutions – Some 5S concepts – In this video I give a tour of my redesigned garage. The main goals were: 1) place to park one of our cars while keeping the rest of the garage somewhat open, 2) design functional/efficient workshop and storage areas, and, 3) be flexible enough to let me park two cars in the garage for extreme weather. This the project followed 5S principles in many respects – but I do not call these out specifically in the video.

2/18/2018 Amcrest PVR HDD Installation – This video covers the installation and setup of a HDD on the Amcrest 8 Channel HD 1080-LITE Video Security System (AMDVTENL8).

2/7/2018 Wall Mounted PC with AMD 5350 and ASRock AM1H-ITX – In this video I walk through the general design and build of a wall mounted PC using an AMD 5350 APU processor and ASRock AM1H-ITX motherboard (with 19V DC power input). This was a similar design to one I described in an Instructables.com article.

11/20/2017 – Home Recording Studio Sound Proof Room Tour – This is a video tour of my home studio. I published an Instructable.com article on this room a while back and thought the video walk through would be a helpful. The Instructable article covers the design and construction. Please let me know if questions or comments. https://www.instructables.com/id/Building-a-Sound-Proof-Basement-Studio-Room/

SAFE Eclipse Viewing Using a Meade Telescope to Project the Sun onto a Screen – (8/13/2017) In this video I walk through my set-up for watching an eclipse. I’m using a Meade EXT-90 telescope and aiming it to project the sun onto an old 8mm movie projector screen. I wasn’t able to test my tracking/drive system in this video because the batteries were dead. Please note I quoted 8/14/17 for the eclipse in here – That’s wrong! It should be 8/21/17… duh. Sorry about that.

How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker – (7/2/2017) Come join Mr Coffee and myself to create a fresh brewed pot of coffee. This is a simple thing to do… But I’m really using this to try my hand at creating “interesting or useful” video content.