End of Summer – Last song of the summer. Some simple variations on a fun chord progression that seemed to flow out of a ESP LTD ec-401 guitar I recently acquired. 9/23/2018

Battlefield 1 – The Desert Run – Take a run through the desert at night with Zara on horseback. One of my favorite campaigns from this beautiful game. Strong beat and soothing synth. 6/30/2018

The Star Spangle Banner – My cover of US national anthem on acoustic guitar. I got the idea to record this after I shot the video of the flag at Fort Seward in Jamestown, ND. I was the only person there at the time – not being distracted by anything and staring up at the flag for several minutes was a very moving experience. Really took me away from today’s politics and made me think about us as a nation and not a bunch of bickering idiots. 6/28/2018

Wildwood Flower – Acoustic Finger style Guitar Cover. Wildwood Flower is one of those fun pieces to pull out every now and then. It’s short, but fun to play. This song has it’s roots back to 1860 (as “I’ll Twine ‘Mid the Ringlets”) and was recorded as “Wildwood Flower” by the original Carter family in 1928. Actually there’s a lot more history to it – do a quick Google to find out more. 4/23/2018

Day at the Beach – Just a little instrumental to take a break with and pretend you’re spending the day at the beach. 2/22/2018

The Gift – I wrote this around 2000. At the time, I wrote a number of songs as a form of journaling when I started digging a little deeper into the Bible. I think this was the first one I did. 2/10/2018

Mad World – Acoustic finger style guitar cover. My cover of the Tears for Fears song Mad World as subsequently covered by Gary Jules. 12/2/2017

The Wonderful Cross – One of my favorite worships songs to cover. This is in drop D tuning. 11/26/2017

The Seed Harvest – Finger style guitar piece inspired by something I wrote a long time ago and also from watching a Gold Finch eating the seeds off a Cone Flower. 9/6/2017

The Coffee Song – Just a short, fun, finger style piece. I originally started it to be background music for another video about making coffee. But I figured it was interesting enough to warrant its own video. 7/20/2017

Slambo – Instrumental Guitar Rock. 12/22/2016

Silent Night – My cover version of Silent Night. Recorded around 2006 or so. 11/29/2013

Street Car – Acoustic guitars – When I originally recorded this, I titled it “Floating on a Tuesday”. But I already have a “floating” song, so I found this public domain streetcar ride. Therefore, this is now going to be called Street Car” – Or should it be called “Streetcar”? Let me know. 9/24/2011

Sunday Morning Float – Acoustic guitars – After I recorded this it just reminded me of a relaxing day on the river. Kind of sloppy playing, but hey… you’d be sloppy too if you were in a canoe 🙂 9/10/2011

Fishpot Stomp – Electric Rockabilly – Jamm’n in the 90’s. This is a recording from around 1999 with my four track Tascam. I think I had ust got a Tech 21 Sansamp and a Strat that day. 8/21/2011